Japanese Firm Creates Robot Girlfriend for Lonely Men

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Japanese Firm Creates Robot Girlfriend for Lonely Men

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I simply could not post this without commentary.   First of all, the fact that any man would buy a 15-inch tall robot to soothe his need for affection is quite sad.   The other facet of this that I find simply astounding is that there was such a market for it that a major electronics corporation decided to make this product to begin with!

All joking aside, this article clearly demonstrates the intense need to mend the family, to bring LOVE into Japanese homes and to thwart the efforts of the enemy to use any distraction possible as an alternative to real love and real relationships.


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She’s big-busted, petite, very friendly and she runs on batteries.

Sega, best known for its home video game consoles, has introduced a 15-inch tall robotic ‘girlfriend’ that kisses on command, with a target market of lonely adult men.

The robot, named “EMA,” which stands for Eternal Maiden Actualization, is designed to pucker up for nearby human heads, entering “love mode” using a series of infrared sensors powered by battery.

 “Strong, tough and battle-ready are some of the words often associated with robots, but we wanted to break that stereotype and provide a robot that’s sweet and interactive,” said Minako Sakanoue, a spokeswoman for the maker, Sega Toys to Reuters news agency.

“She’s very lovable and though she’s not a human, she can act like a real girlfriend.”

EMA can also hand out business cards, sing and dance.

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